Cindy Jackson's Kit of the Month Club


Many of my customers have been with me for more than 25 years and have been attending my local classes, crops, and retreats for nearly that long. Now I’m super excited to be able to offer my services — and my artwork — to all of my creative friends, regardless of whether you live near me or clear across the country! There are no hidden fees; no teacher or workshop fees. You only pay for the product you purchase. Sign up today - it's FREE!

Here's How it Works

Each group in the Kit of the Month (KOTM) Club is made up of 5 members* for a period of 5 months.  Each member spends a minimum of $35/month (after other credits/offers are applied; plus shipping). When it's your turn to be Hostess in your 5-month rotation, you can earn awesome FREE REWARDS!

*If you don't have your own group of 5, not to worry! I can put you together with other women looking to join. But should you fill your own group of five members, I will reward you with a $25 Close to My Heart gift certificate as my way of saying thank you!


  • Free Annual Inspirations Idea Book & Catalog from CTMH.
  • Free Seasonal Expressions Catalogs from CTMH sent in your order.
  • Receive a minimum of $25 in Free Product
  • When sales hit $250 or more, receive an additional item of your choice for 1/2 price!
cindy's kit of the month clubCindy Jackson CTMH Rewards
cindy's kit of the month club

Club Program

  1. Get a FREE Catalog from CTMH.
  2. Enjoy membership in Cindy's Rewards Club Facebook Group! Be the first to learn about specials, including Stamp of the Month and other Close to My Heart campaigns.
  3. Use Cindy's shopping list to pick and choose the items you want to purchase that will meet your needs while enabling you to duplicate Cindy's signature artwork.
  4. Receive an email from Cindy each month that includes her cutting guides, full-color photos, and step-by-step directions so you may complete the artwork on your own when you are ready.
  5. When it's your turn to hostess, you’ll love that Cindy does most of the work for you, helping your Club to be successful and earn you those rewards!

What You Get!

  • Create Cindy's signature Close to My Heart artwork – 6+ Scrapbook Pages including her cutting guide, directions, and color photos of the artwork. Or if you prefer, create your own cards, scrapbook pages, 3-D items, or home decor with your purchase.
  • The coordinated kits save you time and money, and come complete with artwork.
  • Tips and tricks include distressing, stamping (optional), innovative ideas, and lots of fun techniques!
  • I want you to use your products not stash them!
  • All orders are placed online and are delivered directly to your home for a minimum of $8.95 shipping.
  • If you're also a member of CTMH's VIP Program, you'll earn credits on your qualifying Kit of the Month Club purchases, too!

Please Use the Form Below to Ask Questions About Cindy's KIT OF THE MONTH Club — and to Sign Up FREE!

When you join my Kit of the Month Rewards Club, I will send you the shopping list for that month's kit. Once you’ve made your first order, I will send you your Annual Inspirations Catalog (if you don’t already have one) as well as the cutting guides for my custom artwork!

Don't forget to sign up for Close to My Heart's new VIP Program to earn credits on qualifying products included in Cindy's Kits of the Month!

Kit of the Month Plus VIP equals Best Value